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Taylor Amari Little (Tay) is a Black gender-variant Muslim diviner who works intensely with spirits and creatures as part of her destiny. She is a Hoodoo woman, energy healing service provider, Seer, artist, workshop facilitator, (re)birthkeeper, and has a firm background in Criminology.

Tay fulfills a role of providing spiritual security + support to the spirits of unborn babies for specific families of color. She is also creator of Tay in the Water Podcast (on Apple + Spotify), full of conversations around working with spirits, Black gender, Hoodoo, Islam, spiritual warfare, apocalypse commentary, astrology, and beyond.

Historically, much of Tay’s community organizing work has also revolved around queer Muslim advocacy (including Islamic Healing Space of A2 and Ypsi) and advocacy for LGBTQ+ people of color, specializing in the cultivation of liberatory/healing spaces for LGBTQ+ people of color, and specific facilitation around Black people exploring their spiritual gifts. Much of his academic research has long focused on sex workers, with a thesis of exploring the ontology of Black (trans + cis) women sex workers, as it relates to the anti-Blackness permeating the world disrupting the ability to exist as Human.

Tay is a medium and works with spirits + other creatures for a living, so an energy healing divination with her is a process of bringing your energy back to balance, but also a chance to hear from some members of your spirit team (Ancestors, spirit guides, non-human spirits, etc). This means that throughout sessions, spirits may communicate to Tay different pieces of information, images, messages and other mediums which will then be relayed to the client during the debriefing of the session. These are specifically spirits + creatures advocating on your behalf. Therefore, a session with Tay is a divination, too, just with an added purpose of balance restoration. This is work he has been trained to do that also often allows for precolonial Ancestors and other types of spirits to come through and highlight their lineage’s gifts and affinities.

To ensure that the session is spiritually safe and secure, Tay utilizes the spiritual technology of her religions. Tay also does tarot divination, more personal and traditional forms of divination deriving from her lineages, mentorship and writing that is specific to development of relationships with the Ancestors, facilitation and event organizing."  

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