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Reiki is an ancient hands on energy healing modality/technique.  It is used to balance, unblock and move energy to alleviate issues experienced on a mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual level. 


Reiki assists the body with activating its own healing abilities, thus reducing stress, increasing focus, stimulating the immune system, alleviating pain/discomfort, fostering enhanced peace and so much more.

Although Reiki is hands on, it is non-manipulative in nature.  It is gentle, relaxing and usually very comforting to the receiver.


Reiki is cumulative in its effects and benefits.  So, the more one receives it, the better the results. Reiki does not take the place of medical treatment provided by physicians.  However, it can be a great compliment to Western medicine techniques as a means to address a myriad of illnesses and conditions. Reiki also acts as a great accompaniment to mental health services as it can deepen the therapeutic experience, help the client to further open to this process and address the physical and/or other energetic manifestations of trauma and other mental health issues/challenges. 


Reiki Energy Healing

Initial Session ($75) - Includes 15 min Mind, Body, Spirit Consultation and 1 hour treatment

Blissful Reiki Session ($65) - includes brief check in, guided meditation and 1 hour treatment

Mini Blissful Reiki Session ($35) - includes brief check in, guided meditation and 30 min treatment

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