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Sliding Scale Information

What is a sliding scale fee structure?

Sliding scale fee approaches enable folx to access services to matter their financial situation. The scale is centered around the actual cost of a service but also provides payment options above and below the base cost. Ideally, folks with financial security who can pay more for a services elect to pay an amount above the full cost so that folks without financial security are still able access services without risking access to their basic needs. When the sliding scale is used in an equitable way, the cost of services averages to meet the base cost and providers/educators are still paid appropriately for their time and expertise. 

Why do we use a Sliding Scale at IEG?

We live in a white supremacist, capitalist society that creates disparities in access to healthcare, healing services, and education. We value making our services accessible to those who need them most while being fairly compensated for our work and expertise. Offering a sliding scale fee approach to services is one social justice tool at our disposal to help decrease the impact of these disparities in a way that aligns with our values. 

Where do you fall on the Sliding Scale?

Below is a guide with practical descriptions to guide you in determining where you fall on the sliding scale. We ask that you do your best to make an honest assessment of your financial situation as a part of accessing services at IEG.

If you are curious to learn more about sliding scale approaches, a great place to start this in-depth conversation offered by Alexis J. Cunningfolk. (

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