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Starting from an intersectional feminist and humanistic framework, Quinn collaborates with clients seeking healing and personal empowerment using a variety of approaches. She is passionate about working with people who experience intersections of oppression based on race, class, gender, sexual identity, ethnicity, ability, age, religion, and immigration status.


Quinn is a licensed social worker with a Masters of Social Work from Eastern Michigan University in the concentration of Mental Health and Chemical Dependency. Quinn has comprehensive training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) from the Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards, as well as training in motivational interviewing.


For four years Quinn worked with at-risk and LGBTQ youth at Ozone House Youth and Family Services. During this time she completed a graduate internship at Washtenaw County Community Mental Health. She has four years of experience supporting people who have experienced homelessness and housing instability at Avalon Housing. While a supervisor at Avalon Housing, Quinn offered an empathetic environment for fellow helping professionals to process vicarious trauma and job-related stress. 


Quinn has worked extensively with survivors of physical and sexual violence, as well as people who live with: HIV and AIDS, disabilities, bipolar disorder, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, and psychosis. Quinn has a deep knowledge of various pathways to recovery for people with substance use issues, including opioid dependency. 


Quinn is a sex-positive clinician who has provided affirming counseling to sex workers, people who are non-monogamous, and those who identify as kinky. Quinn has expertise counseling adults and youth who are LGBTQIA, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and those who are in the process of discovering their identities.

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