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Quillian’s (He/Him) approach to therapy embodies humanistic and social justice advocacy perspectives. More specifically, liberation, intersectional feminism, person-centered, solution-focused and systemic theories inform the art and science of the therapeutic approach he employs. Depending on the needs of others within the therapeutic alliance, he integrates cognitive and behavioral frameworks with attention to multicultural considerations. As a health service provider, Quillian seeks to create a space that best meets the needs of the therapeutic relationship. Within therapy, he hopes to foster a collaborative relationship of empowerment, honesty, support, and unconditional positive regard.   


Prior to joining IEG, Quillian provided clinical services and health resources to individuals of diverse backgrounds across the lifespan in various settings. These settings included university counseling centers, schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, academic training environments, campus cultural centers, community health agencies, day programs, and supportive living communities. As a therapist, the strength and needs of marginalized, minoritized, and disenfranchised communities remain at the forefront of Quillian’s work. In this regard, he continues to seek educational opportunities to expand his clinical knowledge and effectiveness.


Quillian is a PROUD Detroiter, Bulldog, Sycamore, and Hoosier. He is currently completing a Ph.D. in counseling psychology at Indiana University Bloomington. In his spare time, Quillian enjoys being by the lake, reading, cooking, photography, music, theater, racquetball, bowling, tennis, and spending time with friends and family. 

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