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Parker (ze/he/they) is a white, trans, neurodivergent, physically disabled, and chronically ill lesbian, who is dedicated to providing services to multiply marginalized individuals in ways that center their care needs and autonomy. They believe in taking a collaborative approach to therapy, guided by the goals and desires of the client. Parker understands that often no single approach or modality can fully meet most client’s needs, especially when many of these tools were developed without the equitable involvement of people of color, disabled, mad, queer, and other marginalized people. They believe in taking an eclectic approach tailored to each person, and are committed to ongoing education toward more affirming and inclusive practice.


Parker holds the concept of access intimacy close to their heart, they are committed to making the space (virtual or in-person) as accessible as possible and are more than happy to work with clients to make sure their access needs are met in sessions. Ze believes deeply in the destigmatization of showing up as visibly neurodivergent, mad, and/or disabled, and therefore encourages clients to show up to the space in the ways that are most comfortable and affirming for them, whether that means stimming, bringing comfort items, using access tech, or any number of other things.


As a person with high-risk status, Parker understands the importance of COVID aware practice in this ongoing pandemic. He stays up-to-date on the latest COVID and long-COVID research, as well as community initiatives and organizations working to provide people with the tools they need. They provide a variety of different masks as well as HEPA air filtration for in-person sessions. They provide telehealth sessions for clients that would like to be seen virtually, or need to switch to a virtual session for any reason.


Parker is also an artist, and is happy to integrate artistic practice into therapy at the client’s request. They are particularly interested in the ways that art practices can be used for the purposes of stimming, emotional processing and regulation, and confidence building through self-expression.


Parker is kink and polyamory aware, and they appreciate the ways these practices can provide us different lenses through which to understand our experiences and relationships in ways that challenge repressive, cis-hetero-patriarchal norms.


Parker is a limited licensed social worker. Ze holds bachelor's degrees in Sociology and Social Work, and Women and Gender Studies, and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Michigan with concentrations in Community Change and Interpersonal Practice. They are a proud beneficiary of the GoBlue Guarantee and hope for free education for all someday, hopefully someday soon.


Parker previously worked in oral history focusing on queer populations, people involved in surrogacy, and formerly incarcerated people. He co-facilitated narrative sessions, helped develop equitable ethical standards for practice, and co-created and facilitated various community education initiatives to help make oral history practice more ethical and accessible. Parker has also worked in research, program development, peer education, and food service.

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