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Hi Fam! Let's talk about it…tell me what you need from me at this moment…

In the past 7 years of my profession, I tell clients that by deciding to engage in therapy, you are choosing to allow yourself to reflect on how you want to take control of your life & how you need to show up for you. A lot of times, we as a community think of therapy and immediately think “something is wrong with me.” In actuality, we have to challenge that perspective and acknowledge that we are capable of support and change. I believe in empowering you, identifying end results and I will always meet you where you are so that you are confident in this process.

As we collaborate & build rapport, I anticipate to become your safe place to process your mental health, life, and issues that directly impact you as BIPOC, in young & mid adulthood, and/or persons of the kink/BDSM community. It takes bravery to make any change, talk about uncomfortable things, or highlight areas of improvement, and no one should have to do that alone. My ideal client is a client that is looking for support in their journey. This can range from weekly check-ins to navigating more intense scenarios. I believe clients that are willing to navigate their treatment is essential as I am not looking to give you textbook responses but understand your situation, the significance and severity of issues for you and support you in realistically addressing those issues.

When I think of being a resource for my clients, I like to incorporate various approaches but want to ensure that we are approaching the matter holistically. Often it depends on your preferred therapy needs. I often incorporate modalities/approaches from CBT, Mindfulness, Strength Based, ACT, Culturally Sensitive, Emotionally Focused, Person Centered, SFBT, Art & Music based therapies. Realistically, healing is not linear, we do not progress at the same rate and you do some of the hardest work in between sessions. So, let's get you out of the passenger seat and put you in the driver seat of your life and help you be the authority of your life!

Two of my goals as a therapist is one, not be a bandit, our time is valuable and I want to maximize our time together so we can two, get you to be so effective in your self-management, you can fire me! So, let's do the work and let me hold space for you so you can start your mental health journey. Let's find your healing vibe fam & take your life back!

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