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Kole Mason (he/him), Psy.D., L.P.


Hello and thank you for taking the time to view my page. Before I list my approach to therapy and credentials, I’d like to take you through a short visualization.


Take a deep breath and imagine that you are in front of a portal. You’ve heard from others that trips into this abyss are life changing. They’ve shared that inside of this portal, they’ve discovered hidden truths and practiced alchemy that heals. You’ve wondered if such transformation is possible for you and think that you may be ready to find out.


From what you’ve heard, there are guides inside waiting for you, but they will not come outside of the portal to meet you. Instead, your first steps inside are meant to symbolize your recognition that you, and you alone, hold the keys to your own liberation. Those steps signify your commitment to building a new relationship with yourself and the world around you. 


I am one of the guides waiting to meet you. Although I’ve taken this journey with many others, each person’s path looks different. I am here to witness and hold space for you as you discover and rediscover all you have known and need to know about yourself. I view this work as sacred and consider it a privilege to act as a guide. While this journey will not be easy, YOU ARE WORTH IT. 


Please take a few seconds to close your eyes and tune into your body. Ask yourself if: (1) you are ready to begin this journey into yourself and (2) I am the right guide for you at this time. If the answer is “yes” to both those questions, see below for more information about my therapeutic approach and professional training. 


When working with clients, I view their presenting concerns and symptoms from a broader perspective that highlights both current functioning and previous experiences. This focus on the developmental context of the whole person ensures that the plan for healing is individualized and multilayered. I’m always striving to help my clients find a sense of long-lasting clarity, support, and relief. This is accomplished by keeping the quality of the therapeutic relationship at the foundation of our work.


I believe that a relationship based on mutual respect, healthy boundaries, curiosity, humility, and loving kindness, can provide an invaluable, real-time, model for developing and maintaining healthy and healing connections with self and others. I hope that my clients experience me as warm, imperfect, authentic, and truly invested in their growth and development.


I’m a licensed Psychologist with a Doctorate of Psychology in Counseling Psychology. My clinical experiences have been within the university/college and private practice settings with folx between the ages of 17 - 60. As a result, I’ve worked with a wide variety of identities and presenting concerns, which include, but are not limited to anxiety, depression, acculturation, dissatisfaction in relationships, family of origin issues, low self-esteem, adjustment concerns, social identity, and trauma. In general, I’m passionate about working with members of one or more marginalized groups, especially transgender and non-binary people of color. In addition, I’m a poly and kink aware/affirming therapist.

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