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As a social worker, K.Tajhi (she/her or they/them) collaborates with you to build safety, trust, and a genuine connection in the therapeutic space. She is committed to creating empathic relationships where you are able to explore experiences, gain greater insight, and evoke agency and resilience on your healing journey. She understands that being compassionate, curious, non-judgemental and accepting is necessary when supporting you with achieving your goals. Furthermore, she understands that healing and self-growth are nonlinear processes, and she is intentional about working with you to identify strengths, coping strategies and self-compassion along the way. 


K. Tajhi is a licensed clinical social worker with a Master of Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago. She has training in client-centered therapy through Chicago Counseling Associates. Additionally, she has training in relational therapy approaches (Feminist Relational Model and Relational Cultural Theory). 


She has worked with youth and young adults in diverse settings including non-profit organizations, hospital setting (pediatric department), youth community center, and community health center. Most recently, she has centered harm reduction strategies, anti-oppression practices and trauma informed care to provide short term solution focused therapy and crisis intervention to LGBTQ youth, most of which identified as youth of color, experiencing homelessness and/or housing instability.


Because of K.Tajhi’s own identities and experiences, she is deeply passionate about supporting and advocating for/with people who identify as TGNC/LGBQ, within communities of  color and/or those who identify at the intersection of those identities. Specifically, she has experience working with people looking to explore past or current trauma (caused by violence, abuse, systemic oppression, etc), identity exploration and development, minority stress, life stage transitions and community of color specific cultural and political concerns. Along with these areas, she supported people looking to explore sexual health,  gender, sexuality and the intersections of race, spirituality, relationship concerns, self-esteem/worth, depression and anxiety. K. Tajhi prioritizes a holistic perspective that takes into account the mind, body and energetic/spiritual connection. Together you can cultivate a therapeutic relationship geared toward meeting your goals both inside and outside of the therapy space, making it possible for you to not only survive, but thrive.

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