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Jess Miller, LLMSW (They/She)

Understanding why your brain does what it does is key to managing your mental health. That’s why I offer solution-focused support emphasizing education, skills, tools and perspective needed to support your mental health and quality of life goals, while processing the emotions and experiences that brought you into my office. My communication style is informal and very direct. I embrace a person-in-environment perspective, recognizing that our mental health is shaped by how our innate traits interact with the systems we’re part of be it the two person system of a monogamous romantic relationship, or the overall system of the culture we live in. Anti-oppression, fat/body liberation and cultural humility are foundational principles in my practice as in my life. I am passionate about working with queer and trans folx and am a kink aware and polyamory/non-monogamy aware professional. I have an MSW from Our Lady of the Lake University.

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