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Individual Counseling

Our therapists work integratively with a strong emphasis on multicultural feminist theories.


We strive to empower our clients to find their own path and truth as they understand it. We also integrate cognitive behavioral techniques when appropriate, especially for depression and anxiety related concerns. It is often very important to become more aware of how our thoughts impact our feelings and behaviors. Throughout the process we are always open to feedback about how things are going and we strive to co-create the experience with clients. At IEG, we truly believe that in the journey of therapy we are honored to walk side by side with our clients.


The practitioiners at IEG are trained to support individuals, couples, and groups navigate concerns related to depression, anxiety, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression/transition, emotion regulation, creative blocks, complex trauma, dissertation stress, self-esteem, consensual non-monogamy, eating and body image issues, power dynamics in relationships (D/s, M/s, TPE), grief and loss, spirituality, romantic relationships, and family issues.




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