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Life’s hardships can bring days that disappear, missed opportunities, and a feeling of being lost and not knowing where to turn. Therapy can unearth parts you've struggled with or never acquainted yourself with. Healing is not linear. This nonlinearity means acknowledging the potholes one may encounter. Wherever you are on your life journey, Gabri Mara (they/them, all) can map, structure, process, and find the skills with you to navigate through it.

Gabri is a disability/neurodivergent-, multiracial-, and queer-affirming provider with experience working in crisis counseling and with college students struggling with ADHD, anxiety, depression, disordered eating, executive dysfunction, family conflict, grief, inter-generational trauma, life transitions, relationship conflicts, and substance use. They graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Social Relations & Policy (Sept 2013-May 2018) going on to intern at the Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness. During their studies at University of Michigan's School of Social Work (Sept 2019-July 2021), they interned at Washtenaw County Community Mental Health.

Gabri integrates an eclectic mix of ACT, CBT, DBT, MI, narrative, parts work, somatic work, and solutions-focused therapy with individuals (14+) and their partner(s). Partnering with them for your healing could involve building emotional and somatic awareness, improving boundary work, integrating social narratives, (re)learning grounding skills, and restructuring thought patterns. They specialize in relationship violence.They utilize an attachment-based trauma-informed harm reductionist approach.

Gabri believes that everybody has the capacity and ability to heal and grow. They will partner with you to co-facilitate exploration on what’s missing from your life. They will support you in adapting and restoring new ways of living more fully with all parts of you. They look forward to co-creating time and space together and getting to know you and your story.


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