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Erica (she/they) is an integrative trauma and relational therapist whose work centers and affirms people and their experiences. Erica welcomes couples, partners, and individuals from all backgrounds and supports those who have experienced personal, systemic, and relational difficulties due to traumatic life events. Erica prioritizes and offers space to talk about issues related to power, oppression, and oppressive systems and aims to create a space in therapy where clients feel safer, accepted, and heard.

Erica uses brain-mind-body approaches that are attachment-oriented and informed by brainspotting, internal family systems, and somatic therapies to help identify, process, release, and heal from stored negative and traumatic experiences and symptoms. Brainspotting can access the limbic system and subcortical parts of the brain targeting trauma that is stored in the body. This form of therapy is highly relational and they will be curious, authentic, compassionate, and human while their work is situated within the context of a strongly attuned, connected, and collaborative therapeutic relationship. Erica is passionate about using this powerful modality to support couples to build stronger attachment, sex and intimacy experiences, and connectedness to one another and with creative types who are looking to expand their creativity and performances. Erica’s couple’s therapy work is informed by Gottman couples therapy and the developmental model and they are currently working on a graduate certificate in sex therapy through the University of Wisconsin-Stout. 

Erica works from an intersectional feminist, LGBTQIAA+, and kink affirming framework. Erica’s work is polyam friendly, sex-positive, pleasure-focused, culturally responsive, creative, and embodies radical social justice principles. As a narrative therapist, their work focuses on you as a whole person while considering you as the expert of your life and experiences. She believes that embodied healing work is a radical act and holds space for a socio-cultural understanding of healing including any client’s creative ways of healing. Erica’s healing work is for those who seek witnessing, exploration, dialogue, meaning-making, and co-creation.

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