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IEG's Continuing Education program is shifting so it's organizers and presenters can pursue their passions in new and exciting ways! Here's how you can follow them and engage in future learning in other spaces!


Syre Saniyah, Ph.D (he/him) is practicing liberation centered healing work through his new practice Liberation Centered Healing, LLC. He is offering integrative therapy, yoga, reiki, and other complementary healing modalities (sound healing, psychedelic integration) while centering LGBTQIA and BIPOC folx. You can reach Syre via his website, on Instagram @liberationcenteredhealing, or by email:


Fitz (they/them) is continuing their work as a sex and gender therapist at Odyssey Sexual Health, PLLC. They are excited to continue to provide continuing education workshops for mental/healthcare providers through development of their own content and also hosting other speakers. You can find them at where you can learn more about their clinical work, consultation/supervision options, and see/register for upcoming CEs. If you attended a CE at IEG, you have been automatically added to the CE mailing list at Odyssey (and can opt out anytime!) 


For those who attended Abolish Carceral Social Work, Ruth Spalding, LMSW  (she/her) continues her clinical practices at True Node Therapy, LLC. She continues to work on new materials for CE Workshops and is excited about a new offering this fall - DESTROY FATPHOBIA! If you are interested you can register here. Her website is

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