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At IEG we recognize that intersecting identities impact our health and our access to affirming healthcare. As therapists, healers, and educators, most of our education/training programs did not provide training in providing affirming care to those with diverse and intersecting identities.  Through our continuing education offerings, our goal is to use our personal and professional experience to help providers learn how to create safer and affirming spaces where clients can access care without fear of being judged, pathologized, or otherwise feel misunderstood. 


We also want to ensure our continuing education workshops are accessible to everyone while ensuring our presenters and administrative staff are fairly compensated for their labor and experience/expertise. In order to balance these values, we have chosen to use a sliding scale fee model for our workshops. If you would like to learn more or are seeking guidance on where you fall on the sliding scale, please visit the SLIDING SCALE FEE page of our website.

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