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Dorian Deline (They/Them) is a white, queer, Neurodivergent, nonbinary person.
They have experience working with older children, teens, and adults. Dorian is
passionate about working with queer, trans, and Neurodivergent teens and adults.
Dorian’s practice focuses on understanding complex trauma, and working
collaboratively with clients to gain understanding of how their lived experiences,
including marginalized and intersectional identities, impact how they experience the
Dorian then works with clients to promote self-understanding and compassion,
empowerment, and to help them build tools and skills to cope with life stressors and the
effects of trauma, to promote self-advocacy and accommodation, as well as skills for
building positive relationships and community, and to combat self-blame and stigma.

Dorian’s goal in working with clients is to collaborate with clients to engage in the
approaches that are most effective for them and affirming of their identities and
experiences. You are the expert of your own experiences. Dorian’s goal is to collaborate
with clients in an empathetic manner, in order to help them heal, grow, and work
towards building the life they want to live.

Dorian uses collaborative, client-centered, and strengths-based therapy approaches,
cognitive-behavioral and dialectical behavioral therapy, as well as trauma-informed
approaches such as Polyvagal theory and Internal Family Systems to inform their
approach to working with clients.

Dorian is a limited licensed clinical social worker. They hold a Bachelor’s in Social Work
and an MSW from the University of Michigan. They have previous experience working
in housing services and working with underserved populations in community-based
mental health.

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