Integrative Empowerment Group is deeply committed to keeping our spaces as safe and accessible as possible, and to the widest range of humans, health statuses, and immune systems as possible. As a group practice, we work with a number of clients who belong to, or care for, groups that the CDC has identified as medically vulnerable to severe outcomes of COVID-19 infection. Given our current global public health situation, let’s be even more intentional than usual about taking care of each other in the coming weeks and months. 


In that spirit, and in an attempt to neither under- or over-attend to the Coronavirus “threat,” IEG is asking that we please observe the following community agreements for keeping germ-spread of various kinds (it’s still flu season!) to a minimum:


~ Please do not come to session if you are sick, especially if you have a fever and cough. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have about late fees with your therapist.


~ We have replaced community mugs with compostable cups.  If you use any silverware, please make sure to wash it with soap and then place it in a bucket with disinfectant. 


~ Please wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer. If at all possible, please do so before session. Be mindful of the cleanliness of your devices. We have added Clorox wipes to all the offices. Feel free to use them to clean any surfaces such as your phone; you can think of your smartphone is a “hand.”  


~ Please keep in mind that it will be best if we make sure to sit at least 6 feet apart (which is the recommended distance to avoid the spread of infections). Make sure if you sneeze or cough to cover your mouth; we have a lot of Kleenex! 



~ If you are not wanting to meet in person, please consult with your therapist to discuss the possibility for teletherapy sessions. In order to find out if your insurance carrier will cover teletherapy, our billers at IEG can verify your coverage. Please keep in mind that if you have coverage for teletherapy, there will be additional steps to take that your therapist will discuss with you. 


Here are some resources to understand COVID-19 (coronavirus) more in depth:


Hand-washing Steps Using the WHO Technique


CDC: Prevention and Treatment 


CDC: What To Do If You Are Sick


Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations

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