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Amanda (she/her/hers)

Do you often feel alone, even while being surrounded by friends or loved ones? Do you have difficulties following through with your commitments? Do you experience feelings of worthlessness and shame? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Fighting an internal battle with yourself is exhausting- you do not have to fight this battle quietly or alone. I can help you label and manage your emotions, and guide you through the process of putting your thoughts and emotions into words. My hope is that you will begin to recognize the correlation between your emotion, behaviors, and thoughts. I hope that you will feel hopeful about the future, and be able to reflect on the past.

Have you or someone close to you experienced a traumatic event? Are you experiencing repeated dreams or flashbacks of the traumatic event? Maybe you avoid places or things that remind you of this event? Do you find it difficult to trust others? Are you experiencing memories of childhood trauma as an adult? Do you have gaps in your childhood memories? Maybe you feel withdrawn from the rest of the world.

You deserve to feel a sense of safety and security. I can help you identify what things remind you of traumatic events, and guide you through learning healthy ways to respond when you are reminded of such a scary situation. I can help you work through those events, and how they have impacted you.

Having a therapist that you are able to connect with is very important. To be heard, understood, accepted, and believed in is both healing and empowering. I believe that my honesty, humor, and authenticity has helped me build positive therapeutic relationships with my clients. I use a variety of approaches including mindfulness, reflection, journaling, meaningful activities, challenging clients, cognitive behavioral therapy, and a holistic approach.

Healing is not a linear process. There is no “one size fits all” approach to treating neglected wounds. I believe that by working together, we can develop the best approach that caters to your circumstances, desires, and needs. I will be there to challenge, support, uplift, and encourage you along the way!

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