Camille understands the importance of a strong client-therapist bond. She seeks to create a space that leaves her clients feeling: supported, heard, and dignified. It is through this foundation, that real healing can begin. Camille believes that one’s presenting issues are often a result of internalized messages that have unconsciously been ascribed to over the course of one’s life. Through fostering the client’s inner: strength, wisdom, and insight, meaningful and sustainable change can occur. To support this, Camille uses components of: DBT, ACT, CBT, Narrative therapy, and motivational interviewing, while using a relational, multicultural feminist approach.

With a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan, Camille employs a social justice and person-in-environment lens to her work. Camille believes that people of all backgrounds and diagnoses deserve mental health services that are both high quality and affordable.  As a clinical social worker, Camille seeks to understand how privilege, oppression, and policy affect mental well-being, and more importantly, how to live in a world that is fair and equitable for all. Camille believes that global change can occur only if we as individuals seek to change ourselves first.

Camille has experience working with folx who have experiences with trauma, depression, anxiety, work/life balance, issues within interpersonal relationships, and parenting concerns. Camille has previously worked at a domestic violence shelter, youth shelter, and in community mental health. Camille encourages and is particularly passionate about working with those that are: POC, men, and LGBTQIA+.