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B (they/them) graduated from Antioch University with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. B sees people and their experiences within the context of larger systems and has an understanding of how many of those systems can be oppressive and cause the very problems clients seek therapy for.


B takes a non-pathologizing approach to therapy and believes that clients are the experts of their own lives. Working within a harm reduction framework enables B to truly meet clients where they are at and join them in their healing journey. They work with individuals, families, couples and partners of all ages. B is kink knowledgeable and has experience working with polyamorous and open relationship structures. They are sex positive and provide an affirming and safer space for sex workers.


B has experience working with transgender children and adolescents and their families, as well as transgender adults. Taking a collaborative approach, B has experience navigating medical transition with clients and takes an active role in coordinating care. B also works with families and partners looking to better understand and support their queer, trans, and non-binary loved ones.


B practices from a narrative therapy framework and locates the “problem” outside of the individual. Approaching therapy from an intersectional feminist and collaborative framework, b is interested in alternatives to the mental health industrial complex and aims to work toward the de-stigmatization of mental health services.

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