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Dr. Aesha Mustafa, Ph.D, LMSW
Owner & Hiring Director  


Dr. Nina Nabors, Ph.D, LP
Owner & Director of Business Operations


Our mission is to make it easier for seekers to find knowledgeable and aware practitioners who understand their experiences. Integrative Empowerment Group (IEG) is a collective of therapists who share a vision of affirming diversity, empowering individual expression and promoting integrative mental, emotional, and personal growth. Our practitioners understand that it is often not easy to reach out for help; especially if there is concern that people may not "get it" or understand your experiences. Our therapists are engaged in continuous consideration of how multiple oppressions (sexism, racism, heterosexism, classism, ableism, sizeism) in the current societal and historical context may be contributing to distress. We are unapologetically anti-racist and liberation centered in our approach. 


We make it our business to create a safe and affirming environment where our clients are free to truly be all of who they are without fear of being judged, pathologized, or otherwise feel misunderstood.


Feminist principles of collaboration, empowerment, and respect for multiple worldviews form the foundation of our approach.




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